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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  December 24, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> new on "action news," a bullet blasts through a moving car in east mount airy section killing the man behind the wheel. >> a tornado outbreak in the south, the search is going on for survivors. >> santa needs a short sleeved suit, we'll reached record highs on this christmas eve. good morning, 5:30, christmas eve, karen is off. david has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: we're over to an extremely mild start you can feel it. it almost takes your breath away. we have clouds this morning and there are sprinklance -- sprinkles and showers around
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wilmington area. during the day particularly in the afternoon and evening there's a chance of thunderstorms popping up. there's a slight risk from the national storm prediction center of severe weather in the northern and western suburbs. the biggest threat are winds. the storms will be spotty, not everybody sees them. if you hear thunder head indoor to the lower floors. it's warm enough where if you have relatives or guests over and you're outside throwing the frisbee. you hear thunder get indoors. we have record highs for this date. 66 in allentown. 68 in trenton. in the 50s in sea isle city. 73 degrees by noon, 3:00 p.m., 76 that will be the record-smashing high. december record and then
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68 degrees by 6:00. i'm only posting the possibility of showers and thunderstorm in almost everyday period. keep in mind this is not a washout today. you'll have lulls especially around midday. where there is rain we could feature the thunderstorm. be careful of that. matt pellman christmas day is looking mild, i'll have the details coming up. >> reporter: we'll need a shower to cool us off. good morning, david, good morning everyone. problems on the blue route 476 between broomall and villanova. it's dangerous because it's in the curve in the roadway. we have emergency crews on the scene providing the flashing lights. everybody needs to get into the left lane north of broomall. blue route, northbound in delco. the crash on 309 southbound past the bethlehem pike split has cleared out. as has our broken down vehicle at main and walnut.
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there's a crash plumstead township, meeting house road and stump road. the vine street expressway eastbound between the schuylkill expressway and broad there is a broken down vehicle partially blocking a lane. there's puddles in spots between 30 and 401 in the work zone. and dennisville there's minor flooding from the ramp 83 westbound to 47 northbound as you head out on thursday morning. the pressure is on for the last minute holiday shoppers like matt pellman. luckily a few retailers have been open around the clock. katherine scott is in andora outside kohl's. katherine, how good will the gifts be? >> reporter: some say pretty good. i have to admire these shoppers, the focus they have shopping
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today is impressive. some decided to get a jump start on their christmas eve shopping by coming to the kohl's in the middle of the night. this store has been open all night to let shoppers get their last minute items on christmas. >> it's tradition for me to do shopping on the last day. i don't feel right unless i am out here on christmas eve doing shopping. >> reporter: experts have been watching there's a shift to more discounting throughout the season as opposed to just black friday. a lot of deals come in the last minutes in the final days to christmas. >> retailers are looking ahead to the posthole day season and -- post holiday season.
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>> reporter: there are deals, before you not -- but not necessarily merchandise. shoppers recommend going in with flexibility. >> i found what i was looking for, and got good deals. >> reporter: the next step is wrapping them all, i'm guessing there's going to be a lot of busy elves around the area today. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> gas prices might help with your holiday budget. the average in south jersey is the lowest in the area. 1.80. in new castle county, 1.95. in philadelphia, 2.21. philadelphia police are searching for the gunman who shot aman to death while the victim was driving.
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the 37-year-old victim was behind the wheel of the car when he was hit by a bullet. he drove a half mile before crashing on vernon road. >> several neighbors on the block did hear at least one to three gunshots at the intersection of vernon road and voyer before they heard the vehicle the victim was in crash into the two parked cars. >> police found the victim with the gunshot wound to the abdomin. he was rushed to the hospital, but did not survive. police are trying to figure out why someone shot and killed 7 #-year-old man. police found the victim richard dunkin in abington yesterday afternoon. investigating officers cornered the suspect and that's when he raised his hands and shot
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himself twice. family members say the victim and the suspect did know eacher eacher -- each other. >> dangerous storms killed 8 people in the nation's heartland. crews are searching for others who are missing. storms formed over indiana, mississippi and arkansas. a 7-year-old boy is dead in mississippi. 4 million people took cover from the severe weather. >> i can't stick around here, i'm going to go find cover. >> reporter: crews in tennessee began clearing roads, strong winds ripped down power lines and destroyed homes. out west, the roads were a snowy mess in utah. 80-mile an hour wind just you gusts in -- winds gusts in california tore the roof off buildings and toppled tractor-trailer stay up up to de >> i feel bad when you see
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pictures like that, what we're dealing with is unseasonable warmth, but nothing like that. >> reporter: if there's a thunderstorm that pops today you want to be careful, because it could produce strong gusty winds. we're not dealing with major tornado activity. storm tracker 6 live double scan it's damp, where it isn't raining it's cloudy, but it is raining in spots. the bulk of this is south jersey there's another batch up i-95 in newark and wilmington, delaware before too much longer. most of the rain is on the light side as it creeps in to the south and west. cape may county, atlantic city seeing scattered precipitation. farther to the north. there's just a little bit of a sprinkle here or there, there's just that little guy in chadds ford. i'll leave you with the wide view. there's the heavier precipitation that will be coming up the i-95 corridor into wilmington and philadelphia over
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the next hour or so. as we look outside we have sky6 live hd under the clouds, peco buildings you can see that, a little bit breezy out there ahead of an approaching cold front. the temperature is 70 degrees. other than the rain that's the big story this morning. you step outside early it feels like a summer morning, high humidity, the dewpoint up to 63 which is what we call humid air. the winds blustery at 14 miles per hour future tracker 6 handling the rain this morning. by 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., we'll see widespread rain moving in. there could downpours that are he brief, but that hit you with a good rainfall. we get into the middle portion of the day, it looks like we are mainly cloudy a sunny break or there. we get into a lull. later this afternoon there's a chance of additional showers and thunderstorms building back into the picture. even though the model isn't
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showing widespread precipitation, i don't think they will be widespread, but where they hit there could be number of issues. they will be fading out and having showers down south. lightning and downpours are an issue, strong gusty winds are the real issue. low risk of tornados, i can't rule that out, i think straight line winds are the issue. i am posting a possibility of rain everyday. but on future tracker 6 it's not all the time. high temperatures, most of these will be records. low 70s in allentown. mid 70s in the i-95 corridor and high 60s at the shore. looks like an on time arrival for schawls later tonight.
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-- santa later tonight. christmas day, sun and clouds, late in the day and at night there will be rain arriving. record shattering high of 76 degrees. sun to warm, sun to clouds, christmas day, 70. another record breaker and late rain. saturday, cool, damp, 58. not a total washout. sunday, warm, damp, drizzle. back up to 70. a shock to the system on monday, high of 47 degrees, we're back up to 6 by tuesday. the cold airline doesn't want to make it here yet. >> when it comes it will last just a few weeks. >> reporter: i hope so. >> it's 5:41. protesters march in the largest mall in america hoping to draw attention to a deadly police shooting. >> a muslim family was banned from traveling to the ides and
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britain's leader want to know if it is because because of their . >> reporter: this is the schuylkill expressway, eastbound side montgomery drive we're hearing a vehicle behind a truck flipped several times but landed on its wheels. it's a serious accident. we're watching this and one on the blue route as well coming up after the break. >> a new jersey firefighter could steal his job for stealing $8 in merchandise he could lose an 80,000-dollar job. that's coming up later.
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>> welcome back taking a live look there, the river rink at approximately, not exactly a day to go ice skating. david murphy saying the high today will be 76. sunbathing is more like it. except it's going to rain. 5:25, 55 degrees. you could go wear shorts. >> reporter: tank top that sounds good. good morning to you, matt and tam, starting to feel grinchy on the traffic front. we have several big accidents including this one on the schuylkill expressway this happened ten minutes ago in the eastbound lanes. police have arrived on the scene. schuylkill expressway eastbound east of montgomery drive. you see what appears to be a dump truck involved. there's another vehicle ahead of the dump truck that flipped over several times and landed up right on its wheels. serious accident, left lane is
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squeezing by heading toward center city. doing so slowly. as we pull in the commuter report on the waze app people are complaining, monkey monkey peaceful is saying it's not so peaceful on the schuylkill expressway expressway. head to the kelly drive. plumstead township bucks county we're watching a crash at meeting house road at stump road east of 611. scene on the blue route, 476 we have an accident in the northbound lanes approaching villanova. the accident has cleared in the last few minutes, that's good news coming out of delco. camden county we have the brown down truck partially blocking the ramp 295 northbound to the black horse. white horse pike near produce junction. the work 70 westbound near
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cuthbert boulevard has cleared. >> new information about an alleged attack on a police officer in schuylkill county. state police are saying the officer faked it. the officer faces misdemeanor charges making a fault report. first responders found her in a ditch back in september. she said a man threw her over the guardrail during a traffic stop. they found inconsistency in her story. she has been suspended without pay. >> no justice no peace. >> black lives matters activists blocked two hot spots yesterday. they want video released of jamar clark. they started the demonstration in the mall of america. they called it an effective decoy to divert police attention from another gathering at minneapolis st. paul airport
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where they blocked access to airport terminal. >> british prime minister david cameron plans to look into claims that a muslim family was stopped from flying to disneyland. the family were told they were not allowed to travel to the u.s. on december 15. they say their forms for the holiday were approved by the department of homeland security 6 weeks before. the family feels they were targeted because they were muslim. >> i think donald trump has a part to play in it. otherwise why wasn't anyone else flagged on that flight just one muslim family. >> trump called for a ban on all muslims entering the united states earlier this month. u.s. officials gave no explanation refusing the family members to avoid -- to board the
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flight. >> a fight has emerged to get an idaho calf -- cafeteria worker her job back for giving a free meal to a student. >> reporter: we get up to a record smashing high of 76. overnight low 60 still mild, that sets us up for another mild day on christmas day. we'll have the day planner forecast and take a look at the airport to make sure everything is okay there.
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night but now not is all so calm and all so bright. >> the schuylkill expressway
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is. >> reporter: flashing lights, scabbingly. accident east of montgomery drive taking out the right lane. the vehicle flipped several times here hearing, it landed upright on it's wheels. you're seeing slowing from past montgomery drive on the schuylkill expressway. special midday schedule on the regional rails. city buses and trolleys on a modified weekday schedule, suburban buses, 101 and 102 trolleys and high speed line are on normal weekday schedules. >> reporter: like to see all that nice gold color instead of reds. in pottstown, 68 degrees. 64 in coatsville. a lot of numbers approaching or beating the record highs for this date. 66 in quakertown. 65 in chester. center city at 66. 68 degrees in cinnaminson. 68 in glassboro, 68 in woodbine and up close to 7 in parts of the state of delaware.
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not running errands most of the stores are open, that's not true, you have plenty of shopping opportunities. 73 by noon. there's the high 76 degrees. at times there could showers and maybe a rumble of thunder and gusty thunderstorm. if you hear thunder get indoors on the lower floors. a quick look at the airport. no major delays, planes coming in ascertain departing philadelphia be. there's fog up at jfk. >> a 7th grader and her mom are defending a school car tier i tier -- cafeteria in idaho for giving a student a free lunch. they were hue humiliated when te principal forced the girl to return her lunch tray because she didn't have enough money in her account. >> the cafeteria worker served
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the teen even though she didn't have enough money. the district said the free meal amounts to theft. 40,000 signatures on a petition demanding the school to rehire the worker. >> a new jersey firefighter
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could lose his 78,000-dollar a year salary over a shoplifting case 7.84. he was convicted of stealing
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from a convenience store and the atlantic county prosecutor's office wants him let go from his sphfort -- firefighter job. 90 deadline was imposed by chris christie. he national guard spokesman would not say how much weight he lost, but that it was a tremendous amount. >> 5:57. waiting on governor wolf. there's a spending plan on his desk. will he sign it. >> if you can't buy me love, you can stream it. more beetle first next in business.
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>> good morning, merry christmas eve. 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, december 24. we're working on several new and developing stories. >> severe storms tear through the south and the midwest killing 8 people including a child. >> temperatures are expected to soar to record highs today. act automatic is tracking the late -- accuweather is tracking the latest. >> there's time to get your holiday shopping done. we're live where you can make it happen. >> reporter: let's go over to david murphy with accuweather and matt pellman has traffic. karen rogers is off, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we have an umbrella standing by for me right over there. because you look at storm tracker 6 live double scan we are close to getting rape in the


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